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Bruce Banner #3 is a combination of OG Kush (now thought to be Ghost’s OG or perhaps the SFV OG) and Reservoir Strawberry Diesel, resulting in a racy and extremely potent Sativa experience. The OG Kush has a heavy influence on the smell, which is spicy and citrusy, with a light, sweet quality that comes through from the Strawberry D

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See you at the 45th Anniversary Smoke-In on the National Mall!!!

The Fourth Of July Hemp Coalition is hosting it's annual Smoke-In on the National Mall. Come out and support the organization. The Concert begins at 2pm in the Henry Bacon Ball Field located at 23rd Street and Constitution Avenue NW. Performers and activists will present a colorful message relating to the cause during the afternoon. At 4:00pm the "Peace Mile Parade"concludes it's march route at the ball field. At 8:50pm we are required by the Park Service to shut down our sound system so that it will not interfere with the National Park Service fireworks display. Stick around for a awesome view of the fireworks. Come out early and march with us. More information below.