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Super Glue

According to "frosty, potent, and loaded with trichomes, Super Glue is a heady hybrid cross between the ever-popular Afghani and old-school favorite Northern Lights. Super Glue is one of those rare birds. High in both THC and CBD (relatively speaking), she’s occasionally found in West Coast dispensaries. Super Glue, when properly cultivated and cared for, produces a thick white coat of THC-encrusted trichomes around her dense flowers. Tipping some THC test levels in the low-20% range, the strain works wonders for those suffering from seizures, muscle spasms, pain, and the occasional stressful day...Super Glue is a West Coast phenom that’s hard to find east of the Rockies."


Retired Baltimore Ravens Lineman,  Eugene Monroe

uses cannabis because he says it heals the hurt from a lifetime playing the game.

This is his crusade to convince the NFL he's right.

Such is Life Web Series: Fish out of water

super glue

Dope DC Creates:

Introduction to Cannabis Cultivation

March 27, 2017

De La Soul